Sunday, December 12, 2004

So, I'm at a "Goth" party Friday night, which I almost didn't go to because I wasn't dressed Goth, plus I'm not interested in Goth stuff at all... But it turned out to be the most half-hearted Goth party ever held: No one was dressed Goth, including the hosts, and the music playing was '80s pop such as "White Lines," "White Wedding," "Another One Bites the Dust," and even some "Stayin' Alive" actions. The only thing Gothy was the fact that the bartender, who used to work at the Rustic back in the day, is a sort of S&M type lady. She was the token S&M waitress at the Rustic. I liked her. She was fun. Plus she wasn't skinny, which is now a requirement for employment at that place. Those owners. I tell you.

So anyway, this skinny drunk guy in ridiculous glitter glasses puts his arm around me inappropriately, and asks me what I do. I tell him I write and do a radio show, but I'm sad cuz it just died. Then I ask what he does. He says he produces a radio show but he's bummed cuz his show got cancelled that day. I'm all, dude.

His show was big and fancy on a huge network with a famous host, so he got a big severance package.

He told me some interesting things about the show, and the network, and life within the belly of the corporate radio beast. (He's actually the leader of an excellent glam band.)

So then, I talk to his bandmate, and it turns out that he's completely obsessed with baseball and, specifically, the Dodgers. I had just found out about Lima and Finley both leaving, and was feeling gloomy about the upcoming season. But after talking to this guy, I decided that there may be some small reason to be excited. For all their number-crunching, they did have the good sense to keep Green, and this new Kent guy could jazz things up, and who knows? Penny may be ready.

Naturally, whenever conversation hit upon LoDuca, it was like being stuck in a LaBrea Tar Pit. There's just nowhere to go with that conversation. What can you say?

Then his friend

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