Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Hi Freshmakers!

Half my head is totally numb from Novocaine. Whenever I go to Dr. Feelgood and he shoots me up for some new excavation, I have the feeling I'm in line for a rave. Novocaine has a major adrenaline kick to it. My pulse races and I can almost feel the throbbing pulse of the universal tribal drum. (Just kidding).

I know you know exactly what I mean when I say, there is only one true drum. (Totally kidding.)

Just like I know you know exactly what I mean when I say, There is only one unicorn. (Totally not kidding.)

Doc did me right today, pain-wise, though he hasn't styled me with a renewal on my "V" prescription. Too bad, and I've been giving them out to people, too.

Well I'm way too out of it to start talking about music right now, except that I'm really beginning to understand what went wrong with the hippies. It may seem obvious enough to people who are smarter than me, or people who lived through it, but I am only now understanding with my brain, body, heart and soul that the core of rock 'n' roll is sexuality and rebellion. Without one or both of those, rock 'n' roll is flaccid. The hippies got too rich and too drugged out and they lost their sense of rebellion--and I'm including the Stones in this too, because for all practical purposes they were just high-end hippies.

Once the hippies got complacent they opened the door for angry youth.

I know this is like Pop Music 101 for Retards stuff but whatever. It's different to be told something for years, even to know it--and then to finally get it.

I'll have more rambling soon cuz I'm about to read this book called "We Got the Neutron Bomb," which is the oral history of the L.A. punk scene.

loving you is easy,


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