Monday, July 08, 2002

Hi Lunky Doo:

I have to apologize twice:

1. For the dumb last post. I thought I had erased it but somehow it posted. Oops!

2. For never writing, ever.

I need my special desk in L.A. to write. The wang chung here in my parents' computer-room is all wrong.

Today was a stellar day for one reason, and one reason only: I got 16 Vicodins.

It has to do with a root canal situation.

I just took one but the Judy Garland feel hasn't come on yet.

Apparently me and my buddy Jim are gonna take some tomorrow night at Weezer. Then we're gonna check out the "Weezer After-Party" at First Avenue's Seventh Street Entry, where AM Radio will play, among others.

Question: When they were casting for the "Dope Nose" video, they must have asked for "Hip Young Asians Only," or something to that effect, right?

I wonder if that felt a bit completely lame.

What if Rivers had a black-fetish, and everyone in the video except band members were black, and the casting announcement said, "Hip Young Blacks Only"?

Of course, I find the Asian thing partly offensive because I have a crush on Rivers, and am not Asian, despite my father's obvious secret Japanese-ness.

Finally got the new Spin, with the Chili Peppers article. I still cannot bear to read it, but the pictures are great. I have gotten good responses from people, but my loved ones are obliged to be supportive.

Anyway, who cares what other people think. You have to learn to stop needing approval, and follow your own gut into the mystery.

It's hard: you're born alone, you die alone, and on a very deep level, you gotta live alone. No matter how in love you are, how much you love your friends. There is a place inside where we are all one, but there is also a place inside where we are all alone. There's a reason for that, as painful as it is.

I think maybe you can't have the all-oneness without the alone-ness.

I wish I had the transcripts with me from the piece, because the interviews had so much rich wonder that couldn't fit in the article. I feel so sad about that.

I was at the dentist today, my rock 'n' roll ex-hippie dentist, who always dopes me up good, listening to classic rock on headphones while he poked my jawbone.

Everything was OK and I forgot about the bone because ELO's "Do Ya" came on, which apparently plays whenever you really need it. Then Badfinger's "Day After Day," produced by George Harrison, with the totally Claptonesque guitars. Some say the guitars are Harrisony. (Course, it's always a fine line between Harrisonesque and Claptonesque--America's "Sister Golden Hair," for example.)

The bridge to "Do Ya" is melodically similar to the verse on "Day After Day."

And then there's that Joe Jackson song, "Breaking Us In Two," that blatantly rips off "Day After Day."

Watched the new version of "The Last Waltz" last night with some music-journo friends here. The couch-banter was relentless, because the music was so wack. I'm sorry, but I can't get solemn and reverent about the Band, especially the Band c. 1978, when most of their '70s coke-folk buddies were also settling into severe wackitude: Joni Mitchell singing a song with no melody but many words, words, words. Eric Clapton playing a song with no melody and many notes, notes, notes.

You see clearly why the Ramones were necessary.

At the dentist I also heard the "Doors" will be touring and recording.


Isn't that kind of like The Jimi Hendrix Experience announcing a new album?

But apparently Ian Astbury of the Cult will be the new Jim. The idea is so bad, it just might rule.



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pps: Fond goodbye to Timothy White, editor in chief of Billboard Magazine, who died last week of a heart attack at his office. A big fat music-geek brain is gone.

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