Monday, July 29, 2002

Hi Honey Child:

One of the great things about being a girl is that you have easy access to the Great Well of Emotion, the collective psychic pool where all the world's joy and suffering resonates for everyone to feel.

Everybody can dip into this pool, but when you're a girl, sometimes you have no choice but to swim in it.

Like my GF Hillary.

This morning I called her at her gym job (where she has to answer the phone, "Hi, it's a great day at the Firm! This is Hillary.")

Anyway, she told me this morning that the miners keep making her cry. Every time she hears about them she cries.

So then after talking to Hillary I read the paper and I found that I, too, cried about the miners. One of them said that when they were cold, they "snuggled."

That was pretty good, but then I noticed that the newspaper was fucking packed with good news for once.

The evil former head of Adelphia Cable and his sons were taken away in handcuffs!

Qwest, the phone company here, is freaked out about being investigated for accounting fraud and have fired their head guy and come forward to admit they totally cooked their books!

Wilco's new record, which was rejected by Warner Bros., has sold more copies than any of their others!

The beauty part is that after Warner's bought them out of their contract, a Time-Warner subsidiary label bought their album. So Time/Warner paid Wilco twice for the same record.

Other great news: Afghanistan is going to have a land-mine ban.

People had nothing but good things to say about each other today in the sports pages, too.

Venus Williams, who just handily won a match in Stanford, said of her Belgian opponent, "To be honest, I thought she played very well too. She brought out the best in me."

That shit makes me teary.

Then an underdog named J.P. Hayes won a golf match with surprising grace--the same way his opponent lost:

"J.P. played great for two days," Gamez said. "He played a lot better than I did. It was nice to see somebody play well and win instead of me playing poorly and losing."

A guy with brain, lung and testicular cancer won the Tour de France for the fourth time. He broke away on a stretch of the race that looks like a moonscape.

One awestruck opponent said of him, "We went to the moon, and we saw the astronaut."

Why don't people speak so well of each other in other parts of the paper?

And super-shortstop Ozzie Smith was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, giving a speech based on the book "The Wizard of Oz."

What he said in his speech is the best thing I read in the paper today.

"I sincerely believe that there is nothing truly great in any man or woman, except their character, their willingness to move beyond the realm of self and into a greater realm of selflessness.

"Giving back is the ultimate talent in life. That is the greatest trophy on my mantel."



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