Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Hi Teddy Grahams:

I just have to say that Nelly makes me very happy every time I hear him on the radio. Nelly is the funnest summer radio pop since the heyday of Kool and the Gang. And he has the best use of vocal double-tracking since Lenny Kravitz, who definitely wouldn't have a sound without it.

Sometimes somebody actually pretty good gets to be rich and famous. Example 2: Eminem.

Also I want to say that I am completely in love with Alicia Keys--not so much her music per se but her. I have an unfailing gaydar when it comes to women and she sets it off like a four-alarm fire. Haven't you noticed it in her crooked smile?

I don't think anyone could make me a pure lesbian but she could make me a really good wannabe.

It's so blasted hot here--it was 90 degrees at 6pm and near-total humidity. There's nothing to do but take a cold bath and then forget about drying off, just get into bed all wet and turn the fans on and think of England.

And take a sleeping pill.

At least it's a clean, moist, wet heat, instead of a dry, dirty, smoggy heat like in L.A. This heat makes your skin dewy and rosy. That heat makes it cracky and dead.

This heat smells like the earth, and like water and green stuff. That heat smells like dry stuff and car fumes.

Not to get all down on L.A. But let's be honest: L.A. is a hell hole of hell fire during summer heat waves. It's like baking in a carcinogenic pizza oven, wearing sequins. Nuts.

Sorry so bitchy, I'm just boring and tired.

Loving you is still easy,


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