Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Hi, Funny Monkeys-On-A-Bicycle!

(Have you ever seen the made-in-China children's toy, Monkey On A Bicycle? It's fabulous.)

I'm lonely tonight. If you have something nice to say (like, oh, say, just for example, if you like something I once wrote), why don't you email me?

I don't know how to make it so you can respond to my blog with one click, but you can email me at heykate17@earthlink.net

Writers are terribly self-loathing sorts. Specially Irish ones, I'm afraid.

But Jim told me that, in addition to that, "Irish writers fight!"

"Protect your voice!" he says.

"Protect your voice!"

When you're a writer, that's all you've got. Literally.

It's actually kind of liberating. And simple. You only really have to worry about one thing. I mean, besides eating and rent and living and falling in love and life itself. You don't have to worry about equipment, rehearsal, technology, distribution, fans. I really believe that if you just write well, eventually you find your audience naturally. Um, with the help of the Internet.

But really, what's more natural than the Internet?

What human invention better reflects the diversity and interconnectedness of the Creation than the Internet?

We all live in the era of the nuclear bomb, and probably nothing has really shaped our psyches quite so violently as it has. It taught us that we are separate.

But Clothos, or karma, and/or the US military/academic complex, has given us a dazzingly glorious gift with the other hand.

In time, the Internet will come to shape our psyches just as profoundly, but much less painfully, than the bomb did. It teaches us that we are connected.

It'll work more slowly, like water, but it'll be deep and long-lasting.

I'm not saying it's inherently good. I'm saying we have been so out-of-balance for so long, we desperately need something to counteract the human disconnection we suffered in the 20th Century.

We need balance between the two principles.

So tonight I'm thanking God for the Internet.

I feel way better. Thanks for being with me.



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