Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Hi Weirdos!

Sorry so lame. Been busy and stressed. Having fun, too. Can't eat, can't sleep. Driving badly and typing worsely. Today I was at the Beverly Center, gross, and I lost my car. I wandered starving for an hour in the lot, thinking about time-space warps and worm holes and cars, and the parking lot Muzak was playing a KCRW-type jacuzzi-shit cover of Jane's Addiction's "I Would." One of my favorite Jane's Addiction songs ever, which I just put on a mix tape.

"If it would help to give the world back what it gave, then I would."

Dunno what it means, but it's goddamn beautiful.

He would for you. He would for you, he would for you, Kate.

(He says Kate, it's weird.)

Anyway, finally the sweetie-pie security guard drives me around and we find my car immediately, of course, right where I had looked 20 minutes earlier.

I must be very sick, I said.

"You're in love," he said.

Mexican people are real romantic and shit.

"Oh no!" I said and covered my hands with my face. I mean, you know what I mean.

I'm not in love. Just hungry.

So very hungry.



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