Saturday, August 03, 2002

Hi Wonder Twins!

I have to come up with a name for a new weekly column I'm going to be writing about music and nightlife in Los Angeles.

Can you help me?

My idea for the name is "Hot Child In the City."

This is the only name I have come up with, despite hours of brainstorming.

The design people say it's too long. It has to be two or three words.

Do you have any bright ideas?

Anything involving lyrics or song titles by Jane's Addiction or X would be OK, as well as anything involving the word "bitchin."

Send any ideas to

I will feel forever grateful to anyone who can come up with a good name.





I went to see "Stuart Little II" with my mom yesterday. It was very Stuart Littley.

Anyway, in this movie, the boy-mouse falls in love with a little girl-bird. Nobody seems to think it's strange that a mouse want to DO IT with a bird.

It's a family movie, but the whole movie, you can't take your eyes off the Mom's (Geena Davis's) massive boobs, and wonder what kind of bra-action she has in place to support them so seamlessly.

You also can't stop thinking of the dad (Hugh Lorie) as the gay guy from "Four Weddings and a Funeral."

Somehow, the white fluffy kitty with the garbage-can mouth seems completely normal.


Hillary and I are twins. The latest way we are twins is that we both, unbeknownst to each other, compiled lists of words that sound like dirty words but aren't.

The best on her list was "child-rearing."

Other faves are:

1. angina

2. Aerlingus

3. play hooky

If you have any to add I will write you a bad haiku. Oh yeah, if you can come up with a name for my column, I will write you a really bad haiku.

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