Sunday, August 04, 2002

Hi Spaceface!


I am so happy.

Today I fulfilled a lifelong dream: I was a guest DJ on "Cosmic Slop."


It fucking rocked. Radio is amazing! All you do is stand there and drink Diet Coke and listen to your favorite records and make jokes! Even if they're not funny at all, you still feel cool.

Wow! The new drug!

Thank you, Chuck and Joel, from the depths of my liver. It meant the world to me.

I think this was what we played:

1. The Beat, "Rock and Roll Girl"

2. The Clique (sp?), "I Am Superman"

3. The Only Ones, "The Whole of the Law"

4. Pilot, "Magic"

5. Mott the Hoople, "Foxy Foxy" (brilliant ballad, sort of glam tribute to Phil Spector)

6. Mick Ronson, "Only After Dark"

7. Colin Blunstone, "Let Me Come Closer To You"

8. Nick Gilder, "Roxy Roller"

9. Harry Nilsson, "You Can't Do That"

10. Paul Williams, "Nilsson Sings Newman"

11. Three O'Clock, "Jet Fighter"

12. Dean Friedman, "Ariel"

13. Raspberries, "Tonight"

15. The Hello People, "Tuesday Kind of Monday"

16. ELO, "Xanadu" (Jeff Lynne vocal version)

17. Dwight Twilley, "You Were So Warm"

18. Gary Wright, "Dreamweaver"

19. Fanny, "Hey Bulldog"

I can't remember what else...

My sophisticated musical commentary reached a pinnacle when Chuck asked me why I like the Raspberries. He said, "You're a Raspberries fan? You're an Eric Carmen fan? You like that they rock?" And all I could think of to say was, "Uhh... I like their name ..."

That's right up there with the stony conversation Jim Walsh and I had the other night, wherein I said, "You know, they need some good rock singers." And Jim goes, "Yeah, man."

If you go far enough into the dumb end of the dumb-to-deep conversational spectrum, at some point you come out on the other side.

Anyway, many thanks to the Slop machine for providing the perfect cap to a dreamy Minneapolis vacation.

My heroes!

love 'n' rockets,


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