Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Hi Nut Goodies

I got the new Rolling Stone today. It told me that Alan Lomax, the great American musicologist, is dead.

Alan Lomax is a true saint.

His life's work will sustain me and probably you for the rest of our lives in ways we won't even know.

I also received someone's Scientology magazine in the mail today. Among other things it said was that L Ron Hubbard, "the great genius of the last century and for all centuries," "did the impossible and penetrated the mysteries" of all human problems.

L. Ron said, "Those little beaten-down peasants you see in France were once proud Romans. Those small brown men who sell their sisters on the streets of Cairo were once the mighty Egyptians. And it was when those societies looked richest that they had already started down. Like this one.

"They all failed because they had no know-how about man. Wisdom, real wisdom, could have salvaged any one of them. ..

"You say, well what can I do. I'm just a little fellow. That's a lie. You have to hand [sic] the most powerful weapon yet forged on Earth: Scientology."

"Here we are with the largest fund of information of life that has been assembled in a factual package on Earth."

I'm so glad to know that someone has all the answers.

I guess L. Ron judges a society's greatness in terms of the wealth and power of its elite. Cuz we all know those mighty Egyptians were slavedrivers, and the Romans were too.

I was in France, and I didn't see any peasants--and I was even out in the countryside. I didn't see any "beaten-down little people." I saw some people with great cheese and wine and national health care and reproductive freedom for women.

I have not been to Cairo so I don't know about the "small brown men."

The Scientology agenda is to make everyone in the world Scientologists. It's called "Planet Clearing." (Kindly ignore all genocidal connotations.) In order to access the great fund of all human information, however, you must endure a series of hierarchical and prohibitively expensive courses.

Anyway, so then I read about Alan Lomax.

Alan Lomax spent his life recording the music of American peasants, of those whom L. Ron would see as small brown men. He wrote about it with respect, sympathy, and adoration. His work brought the music of Delta bluesmen to the world. He helped to free Leadbelly from the Angola State Penitentiary, and helped Muddy Waters to quit sharecropping and become a full-time, world-famous musician.

Incidentally, he also turned the Beatles and everyone else (including Scientologst/blues-lover Beck) onto this music that would so shape our ears and hearts forever.

He understood this music, and he also stood in awe of the mystery at its heart.

Here's what he had to say about human knowledge:

"It is the voiceless people of the planet who really have in their memories the 90,000 years of human life and wisdom. I've devoted my life to an obsessive collecting together of the evidence."

I noticed in the Scientology magazine that there were no black people in any of the photographs. I wonder why that is.

Maybe some people can smell a rat bastard better than others.



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