Monday, October 07, 2002

Hi Funnel Cakes

Friday night my buddy Axel played at a party at our friend Rick Royale's loft. Rick lives on the edge of south-central, near the railroad tracks downtown. This is where we used to buy our Christmas trees when I was growing up--auctions at the railroad tracks.

Anyway, Axel played his new songs with his bassist, using the band name the Luxus. I haven't decided about the name, but who cares--the songs are beautiful.

The party was cruelly hot and many of our friends left before Axel played. Shame. You missed out on something sweet and real.

Axel writes very stylish, schooled rock songs. But because of the intensity of his soul, they still sound heartfelt and distinctly him.

Paolo De Leon also was showing his new series of paintings, "Children of the Revolution." It's a concept-series of paintings of stylish friends and associates. The paintings are done in shades of blue, like the crazy Mexican bride and groom on the wall outside the L.A. Times in the '70s (a five-story mural for Monarch Bridal and Tuxedo painted). My fave was the one of Axel. Something about the angle of his hips and his hand pointing to the stars really captures Axel. Axel is one of my favorite people in the whole world. I wanted to buy it, to have it forever and ever and inspire me to rock, but it cost $1800. Oh well. Next lifetime.

After the party, me, Axel, Os, Frank, and some other people stayed up all night in Os's garage playing guitar.

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