Thursday, October 10, 2002

Hi Spirographs

You want weird? Here's weird. The Chinese lady at the Chinese clinic today told me that I have something that I'm not expressing and doing, that I need to do, and that this is blocking my chi and my blood flow.

She said, you have a lot of energy but it is stagnating.

She said, you're young, you should be creative and do anything you want to do.

Don't you just love a doctor who tells you that part of the reason you had tummy problems is because you're not doing enough art?

This is a kind of doctor I can understand.

They're not hippies at all. They're proper doctors. They just have a different idea of how to make people well.

OK bye.


PS: I forgot to mention that Jim "the Doors" Ladd was the one playing the new Tom Petty record on the radio. He played the entire record, I guess. They have been friends since the '70s, when Jim first played Tom Petty on KMET--I think it was KMET. Anyway, I wonder if this record is sort of about Jim?

I wonder if he has a song about a DJ who only plays the Doors, the Black Crowes, Neil Young, and U2?

And calls women "long-legged ponies"?

I love Jim Ladd truly, but he drives me insane.

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