Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Hi Rock 'n' Roll Creation!

Sorry for not writing every day.

Look, I'm writing. See?

Not for long, though. I have to get ready to finally interview this local musician. It's going to be his very first interview ever. He said, should I bring anything? I said, you'll want your scuba stuff. He said, well, that goes without saying. haw! haw!

Maybe another chick out there can back me up on this. Sometimes, like right now, you're pretty blinking broke. You're using your savings to pay your phone bill, waiting for your next check, which may not come for a month. You're in no posiiton to spend money. And yet, and yet, and yet.... You are about to drive to the Larchmont Beauty Supply store and buy extremely expensive skin-care products, which are destined to change your life. Your apartment will become cleaner and suffused with an aura of graceful ease. You will become organized about work and no longer procrastinate. You will do laundry weekly, change your sheets every two weeks, and clean the bathroom every Sunday. Everything will come together and you will become more creative than you ever thought possible.

It could happen, right?

Got to go.



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