Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Hi, Funshine Bear:

madly on deadline BUT...

weirdly, got to see my two favorite bands on the planet in succession: Tsar on Sunday and the White Stripes last night.

the guy next to me at the white stripes said he's going to see radiohead three nights in a row. i'm all, why do you like radiohead?

his answer confirmed everything for me. he goes, "they're the smartest band around anymore."

right. they're smart.

i go, well, how do they hit you emotionally?

he goes, they're really smart.

yuppies are so fucked up.

that's why i like the white stripes. they don't place the body and the mystery of carnality below the brain. they are equally cerebral and carnal and that's why they're liberating me on every level.

the white stripes show was at the greek. i found it emotionally overwhelming and had to watch the last 20 minutes of the show on a tv monitor near the snack bar. it hurt to watch them. i can't explain this but will try later. no band has spoken directly to my body and my taste like this since the beatles.

tsar's show was staggering as always, even at a foreign venue, the derby, and once again i knew they are the best band in l.a. We're so lucky their record hasn't come out yet, because when it does, they won't be playing little clubs in los feliz anymore.

this guy i met after the show told me the band had just renewed his faith in rock. he just moved here from seattle and it was his first tsar show. i love seeing men get liberated by tsar.

They're playing thursday at spaceland, which is their home. their spaceland shows hit a whole other level. there's some kind of love-magic there. this is their last spaceland show for a long time so if you haven't seen them yet, this would be the night.

someone at the tsar show told me i look like meg white, which is always fun to hear, and he told me about meeting her at Reading or Leeds or something. He said that she is very nice if you are very nice to her. he also said that her teeth are hard-core smoker's teeth, which made me like her even more.

jack's guitar playing was great despite the finger thing, and his endless magnetism to meg is untouched despite everything that's changed for them. he did one solo with his back against hers, sitting on the drum stool. and when she sang her song and stood at the organ, he walked up behind her slowly with his guitar and just stood behind her, like he wanted to touch her, and then he wandered away. she kind of looked over her shoulder for a second after he was gone.

he also stood on top of her kick drum at the climax of one guitar solo and faced her, and jumped off as she crashed the cymbals and it seemed like everyone came right then, and meg was surely pregnant.

everything they do is like making a baby. they're the most fertile platonic lovers around. their love is making baby love, like bob dylan said.

their music is wet; not dry. it's green, not gray. it's phallic and yonic, not neutered. it has orgasms inside it and blood battles, not layers of alienation from sensation.

it's also american, not english.

and that is a little of why i like the white stripes better than the radiohead.

the end.

The fifth graders in Miss Kato's class totally agree with me. (thanks ken layne.



note: i love OK Computer and most of the Bends.

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