Friday, September 12, 2003

PS: the one fairy tale that really fucked me up big time was "Sleeping Beauty." It was such a beautiful story and such a romantic notion--especially the version I had as a kid, in Perrault's Fairy Tales (which is a gnarly ultraviolent scary book in general, with elegant etchings of dead babies and headless leadies and everything--it ROCKS!).

I wanted to be Sleeping Beauty, who is an even more purely passive girl than Cinderella or Snow White. At least Snow White has her own house and friends and work and stuff. :)

And Cinderella breaks the rules to go to the ball and shit.

Sleeping Beauty just snores, then she gets kissed and wakes up. Big deal.

And that is the core of the fairy-tale mentality for me.


Pink wrote a song about Janis Joplin on her new album. I like this lyric:

"My life is like a fairy tale

That nobody believes in."

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