Saturday, September 20, 2003

hi Maggot Brain:

hmm... i just woke up a few hours ago. last night was a party and it turned into a 3 am hootenanny with some of my favorite songwriters and friends. i was so drunk on champagne and Becherovka that when i got home i had to make a huge bowl of buttery popcorn and finish watching the first "Lord of the Rings" video just to sober up. the sun started coming up and the film ended really abruptly, kinda like the last Matrix---just when the big Event is about to happen, the film is over. I didn't remember any of the book so this was a shock and disappointment, and I had to rewind and start the film all over again from the beginning.

The film was a disappointment. It's way too slick and CGI-infested, and terribly Disney-fied. The acting is really above-par, however--which is saying a lot, since the actors had to pretend to be completely gah-gah-in-love with a stupid piece of metal that looks like my dad's wedding ring.

I am now grappling with the ridiculous extent to which Harry Potter borrows its drama from Tolkien: the little-guy-with-a-lion's-heart; the weird amorphous Evil Force gathering power, followers, and physical form, etc. etc.

Oh well.

Got to run, but, oh yeah, Tsar is playing sunday at the derby with several really intriguing bands--the turn-ons (from seattle) alaska! and sunstorm. it should be the show of the weekend. Needless to say, anyone who sees Tsar live is doing herself a big favor, because they are really sexy and exciting and powerful and fun.



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