Sunday, February 01, 2004

come blog with me

i'm in minneapolis, but if you were thinking of going to my house to play funny tricks or do my laundry for me or dye my dog pink, you should know that you will have to deal with my landlord and his power tools. he is building some shit outside my house while i'm gone.

i am ok with it if you dye my dog a pleasing bubblegum color.

it's "warm" here at 20 degrees. it was -30 last week. i was not jazzed about coming here.fuck it. i wanted to stay in beautiful and glamorous hollywood, california. but here i am, and i am going to kick ass this week on my top secret project, which i will tell you about in one month.

this project is the reason i'm here.

i have to go to bed now because i have so much ass to kick tomorrow.

i spent all day in bed today and i think it's something people don't do enough.

matt and emmanuelle make me so happy. i love you guys!

i would link to their blogs but my dad's puter is so crappy it'll probably crash if i try to open two windows at once.



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