Wednesday, February 11, 2004

So.... here I am working on my Top Secret Weather Machine, and thinking back to another time, another dimension, what was it? Three days ago? Oh, yes. The Grammies. I thought they were boring. The problem was that there were too many commercials, but that the commercials were actually much funnier and cleverer than the show itself. I laughed out loud maybe three or four times watching the commercials.

The Beyonce ones were boring too. Can you believe how many commercials she has?

I felt the show was invaded by the dead and the almost dead, between warren zevon, luther vandross, the beatles, sting... my god.

random thoughts:

what the hell is the riaa doing giving the beatles an award, and what are they doing accepting it gratefully? what does it even mean? i mean, seriously. the riaa wouldn't even exist as we know it without the beatles. the entire music industry wouldn't even really exist.

nuff said.

there's nothing i could say about that pseudo-beatles performance that would be as damaging to those guys' reputations as the performance itself. they looked ashamed, and they were right. i like the idea of a black ringo, but pharrel should stay behind the sound board.

i'm sick of the topic.

andre 3000 was right when he said, "stank you. stank you. you're smellcome."

i've got ants in my pants, man, i tell you what.

got to run.

keep it real, baby.



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