Wednesday, February 04, 2004

here's to you, the king of beers:

you know, i still do tender this premium blog for your enjoyment (as a tribute to your good taste, and everything).

it's like 4 degrees or some shit and i'm experiementing with meta-zen. that is, instead of just saying, "be here now" and be happy where you are and "love the one you're with," I'm going, "i so totally don't want to be here," and "i so totally want to go to l.a." and "oh my god ryan adams is trying so hard to sound like morrissey on this song---holy fuck" it's called 'so alive"---and now he's trying to sound EXACTLY like bono. wow, this is crayyyzeee.

i didn't know he had such a new wave side.

but doesn't everybody these days?

it's just that the weather here reminds me of living here in my earlier days and being in a relationship that wasn't right, and all the time i spent not doing things that made me feel awesome. i spent a long lost lonely time not feeling awesome, and not doing awesome things, and not feeling excited to be alive. i think being young is hard, a lot harder than it looks.

now ryan adams sound like mickey dolenz fronting the strokes ("luminol")

you know, i do miss mickey dolenz.

i spent a long time just doing weird stuff that my family taught me to do, like writing theater reviews.

now he's trying to be paul westerberg in the worst way.

that's his deal most times, yeah?

this song is catchy as fuck. i can't help it; i like it. it's called "burning photographs" or something. it's the worst fake paul westerberg you can't even believe.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with being a theater critic per se. it's just that being a theater critic is a lot like being an undertaker, a proctologist, a schoolteacher or a priest: It's a calling, yo. It's black and white. And there's no reason to pretend to hear a calling that isn't calling.

i forgot, he also has a song that sounds like t. rex. It's just impossible to rip off t. rex without sounding like a complete wanker. just ask jet -- "lazy gun" the song is called. apparently, the '70s band also called jet included members of the former john's children, marc bolan's first band. strange, huh?

just about the only people who can get away copying t rex are the cars.

and, like, outkast.

so anyway, yeah, bad mood and whatnot. big fucking deal.

love to love you baby

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