Saturday, February 21, 2004

First Things First:

My newest obsession is Diet Hansen's Peach Soda with "Splenda," some artificial sweetener that is surely carcinogenic but sooo much better than nutrasweet. Actually, all the Diet Hansen's sodas are Splendid. When I open one up and pour it over some ice, I feel like I can start over and do all the things my heart's been dreaming of. I don't know how this works but I'm sure some psych PhD has written a dissertation on it. And it has nothing to do with advertising because I've never seen an ad for this drink.

Anyway, speaking of dreams where your teeth fall out... I had such a dream last night, but this one was the new model for 2004, a real improvement on the classic.

I dreamed that my left back molar was coming off. This tooth has caused me lots of trouble in the past---I actually had a dream once that I was in India talking to some healer and he told me there was something bad in that tooth making me sick. I went to the dentist (in real life) and it turned out that tooth was all jacked up and I had to have a root canal. But anyway, in this dream, that tooth was falling out. I kind of pushed it out with my tongue and felt the normal anxiety you feel in these dreams... and then I saw that underneath that tooth was a healthy new wisdom tooth coming in to take its place. The old tooth was being replaced by a stronger wiser tooth. I never thought a tooth dream could have a happy ending.

It's drizzly and chilly today. I was going to go to the movies but staying inside seems like a better idea.

I hope you have a good day, wherever you are.



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