Monday, February 09, 2004

what's up mr. lovinstuff.

I can't write too long. I did watch ye olde grammies last night and have some commentary but at the moment I've got other crap to accomplish. needless to say i was most impressed with the white stripes' performance, which was true to who they are and how they rock, and didn't fit the show, and provided some sexy spiritual dissonance and absolved them of the crime of performing at the grammies.

for some reason today i found myself in a conversation with charles barkley. this was a surprise. we talked about how to work out your quads when you have bad knees. i have bad knees and i don't know how to work out my quads. i did not know this, but later i found out his career ended because of a torn quad ligament in his knee. how gnarly is that?

anyway, he said, low weight, high reps. he said this would look good too. "ain't nobody want a big bulky muscly woman."

he also said, "i used to be an athlete, now i'm just an old man."

it's sad how older athletes can't play anymore and bask in the glory of their game, but aging rock stars can play until they die of a heart attack in a Vegas hotel room. you know?

we were at my gym. but this is how weird i am about guys: somehow i have no problem talking to a bazillionaire nba legend, but the scrawny little lovebug who was working out four feet from me who i have a crush on?---no way could i even say hello to him. i tell you. you boys think women's minds are a mystery? just try being a woman for a minute. weirdly, then i accidentally ran into another boy i have a crush on, at the pet store, and for some reason, because he's dating a friend of mine, I was totally able to be funny and normal. when i talk to cute boys, i should just pretend they're dating my friends, or they're basketball people who are way too tall for me.

i have to run but one last reminder: L.A. best rock band and (I feel in my gut) rock's Next Big Thing, Tsar, play tomorrow night at the derby. witness the phoenix that is rock rise again from the ashes of its past!



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