Thursday, May 06, 2004

gawd just watching the damn friends finale i had to accidentally see the most disgusting bloody gory promos for other tv shows on this week--

i didn't ask for that

like i didn't ask to see a severed head in a cardboard box the one time i tried to watch alias

nobody told me i'd be seeing bodies cut up like that on normal network tv.

so what's so wrong about a dumb old boob. look i know the janet thing is so over, but i never said anything about it at the time. i'm pissed off that i have to see so much shit that disturbs me, and no one cares at all.

that's all.

and by the way, am i in a dream or is everything possible going wrong for george w. bush? just for example, was i dreaming or did i hear on clear channel-owned knx am that colin powell is divorcing him?

maybe i dreamed that one up last night.

i must have dreamed it.

i must have dreamed that people are calling for rumsfeld to be fired. i must have dreamed that.

don't wake me up just yet.

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