Thursday, May 27, 2004

My Girl

I broke my shoe.

I'm so happy today I'm going out and making "Fantasia Forever" and "I'm Gay 4 Fantasia" T-shirts. Everyone is going to want one.

I'm happy for Fantasia and for everyone who loves her. This is one thing that's for sure definitely right with America today.

Also, her menswear look is unstoppable.

It's difficult to find cool, sexy menswear for girls. I have tried. Big fashion high fives to Fantasia for doing menswear better than Madonna.

I'm so sick of Madonna.

Finally, I have a new idol. Who I really idolize.


Poperratic said...

Hiya, Kate: I hadn't been here in a little while, so I was surprised about the new blog and developments. I went to the old site and got caught up. New show looks great. I can't wait to listen to the pilots. Good to see you getting some more of a spotlight.

I don't watch American Idol, but from these pictures, I'll have to say the lady is decked out in some nice threads. I'd wear either of those. And yeah, I guess she does have Madonna beat, rockin' the menswear...

Good luck on the showbie show... and keep kickin' bootay. I'll miss the old blog, but I like the new blog too.

Matt said...

I'm just piping in to say I love any girl that admits she's gay for another girl.

Gimme MORE.