Thursday, May 06, 2004

Yeah Man, I know:

So yeah. Let's see. I lost a week because my friend John came to visit from Minneapolis, and I had to show him a good time. We went to the Dodgers, complete with smashing victory and Farmer John Cinco de Mayo fireworks; the IMAX movie about bugs (sponsored by Terminix!); and then drove through South Central. And saw the Watts Towers. I also took him to Oki Dog for hangover magic, as well as the Brite Spot, which has gotten ever so hip--but kind of in an OK way. We also went to Little Joy Jr.'s, which is just like Bob Dylan--dreadful some nights, uplifting on others. We caught it on a good night.

Generally it was a week of me falling in love with my hometown, the beautiful city of Los Angeles, all over again.

I'm getting psychologically prepped for the upcoming earthquake, too. Have you started your earthquake kit? It's time, my love.

What else? Oh yeah, Indie 103 has started playing Tsar, as they should---they're so into it they're playing it even though it hasn't even come out yet. See, that's how radio used to work. They would play a record not because of any reason at all, except that they love it. At least that's how kroq used to work for about 15 minutes back in the Day.

So everybody who can't wait for Tsar's record to come out, and for them to start playing more songs---how about "Superdeformed"?--should CALL THE STATION! It's easy and fun and you can flirt with the DJ. or leave a message.


Also, Tsar is playing a ridiculous fun show Wednesday at Spaceland. Somehow the LA Weekly somehow managed to forget that L.A.'s raddest, funnest band is playing, with smoke, wizards, confetti and (I've heard) a flying car, but oh well!

xo and stuff,


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