Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Fantasia Forever

How hot is Fantasia? Oh my God.

This is the look she gets when she sings; it's a look no one else in the world gets when they sing.

She's a fierce and dangerous singer.

Fantasia is my very favorite person in the world right now. I mean, next to my beloved friends and family. Fantasia is my one and only favorite Fantasia, and if you get it, you know how much that means. I wanna thank Fantasia for unzipping her heart every week and letting us see what's in there.

Also, I wanna thank her for crying whenever she feels like it, which is every day, because it's about time people knew it's possible to be fierce and tender all at the same time.

The best people are.

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magma said...

I totally agree, Kate! I've only heard her sing once, the "I Need A Hero" time, and thought wow, how classy is she. She was so inside those lyrics. And it's a great song, it was insane they all followed Simon saying it was a poor choice.