Tuesday, May 11, 2004

so, the tired thing. can't get out of bed thing. i decided to attribute it to:

1. our fag president

2. the tragedy of war

3. my shame and sense of responsibility for unspeakable atrocites committed against innocent, terrified people

4. george huff's loss on last week's idol

5. delayed grief over sloopy

6. the sense of woundedness as a patriotic American; the feeling that somehow America, the America I love and am proud of, has been raped. Everything the founding fathers wanted our country to have, to make us special, everything every great American political visionary has fought for: democracy, freedom of information, a kind of spiritual liberalism deeper than political affiliation, and yes, patriotic pride. But not ugly hegemonic pseudo-patriotism. I'm talking about quiet dignity. I love my country, but I never wanted it to dictate popular culture for any other country, or political life for another country. Much less the shit that's going on.

7. but you know, hang on sloopy, and all. i've got a lot of love in my life and i'm blessed like crazy.



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