Monday, June 10, 2002

Hi Ladybugs:

I just wrote a long entry about Moby, Eminem, the White Stripes and Beck--and what they all have in common. (Copping black music.)

You are SO glad I just deleted it. It was deadly boring--oh my God, I thought I was back at UC Santa Cruz writing some bullshit PC essay on cultural co-optationationism--so here's something WAY more fun. Musical four degrees of separation!

Moby is on V2 Records

The White Stripes are on V2 records.

The White Stripes are from Detroit

Eminem is from Detroit

Eminem is a one-name star

Beck is a one-name star.

Moby is a one-name star.


Send me four other musicians and I will connect them. Or you could send me two and I'll do six degrees of musical separation, which is slightly more difficult. (

Once I told my friend to connect Blind Lemon Jefferson and Olivia Newton John and he did it via ELO--brilliant.

Maybe Sunday will become Musical Six Degrees of Separation Sunday!

(Now that we have Hero Thursday and Poetry Friday!)

I gotta run.

Stay gold,


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