Thursday, June 06, 2002

Welcome to Poetry Friday!

(I know it's Saturday but just pretend.)

As Audre Lord said, poetry is not a luxury.

Sometimes, it's all you got!

I have been getting some responses on the ee cummings thing, so i guess

mood (am i)

little in MORE

listeningest floweringmore

to hear him.

(haw, haw!)

So here's one from ee, and it's kind of got a "Renaissance Pleasure Faire" quality to it, if I may be so bold. (see also: Lord of the Rings)

(dare i say: Led Zeppelin IV?)


open your heart::

i'll give you a treasure

of tiniest world

a piece of forever with

summitless younger than

angels are mountains

rivery forests

towerful towns(queen

poet king float

sprout heroes of moonstar

flutter to and

swim blossoms of person)through

musical shadows while hunted

by daemons

seethe luminous

leopards(on wingfeet of thingfear)

come ships go

snowily sailing

perfect silence.

Absolute ocean

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