Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Happy Birthday Tony!

A very special wedding (which you can read all about on Tony's site) happened on Sunday between two very special people, Bonnie and Charlie, and this wedding tended to overtake my entire life and week, much like a robotic party octopus.

Good weddings will do that.

Tony did the honors at the wedding, and wrote a beautiful and funny sermon (?) which made me tear up unexpectedly at the end of the following passage:

The best sort of love is the one that has always been there,

that has stood the test of time,

that's there when the sun comes up

and when the sun goes down.

you look at it and it just looks right,

it sounds right,

is right.

it's something deeper than could be expressed in a music video

or written down on a folder during homeroom.

It's a complete journey, but a special one,

for the best ones have a romantic and improbable beginning,

a spectacular and beautiful middle

and no end.


For such a hardcore bachelor, Tony seems to have a certain aptitude for romance. Who knew?

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