Thursday, October 16, 2003

Hi Mangle Pie:

I am only an appreciator of sports, not a true fan, which means that I will watch your world series playoff games, your NBA championships and the Olympics and whatnot, but I won't watch normal, everyday ball games unless there's some sex involved. Yet even I, the fake, fair-weather fan, had a couple of emotional moments watching the game last night, not because I feel allegiance to either team but because of the pure skill, and because the Marlins coach touched me (not that way!)--my mom just turned 70 and it tickles me to see an old geezer like that dude hanging tough. But can we talk about the fucking commercials? Every time I watch a ball game it's just like when I listen to Breakfast With the Beatles on KLSX--for a moment I have a window into the male experience of the media. They make commercials for men very differently than for women. And I think 90 percent of regular commercials are for women, so the difference is quite striking when you get a solid two hours of male-skewed ads. Male-skewed ads are way more rinky-dink, much simpler in their message, and much less visually complex. They state their message in really obvious terms and hope you'll buy it. It's kind of cute, actually. Are men's minds really that simple? Have I been playing a fool's game this whole time? The Viagra one is the best. I kind of wish men our media were a little more male in general--more blatantly mercenary, simpler, less sentimental and insidious. I wish people always said what they want.

But that is another story.

I have ten things to do today so i better toodle for now.

By the way, Tony, I know how you feel about the guy, but I have to say: I blame Billy Corgan.



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