Friday, October 10, 2003

Reap the Wild Wind!

a couple notes and then i'm giving this a rest.

a. just because i mentioned compulsive crying as an appropriate response to good music doesn't mean i or my friends don't also simultaneously dig the craft, intellect and social relevance behind music--in fact, i'm usually crying in sheer joy at the nifty chord progressions, heroic key changes, clever lyrics and grandiose Statement of it all. I understand that knowing more about music also enables you, if you're so inclined, to be ever more deeply moved by music. so don't go projecting your own mind/body split on my words!

2. i never mentioned baseball cards. i wish they made music baseball cards.

c. dude, you know i'm right about the frustrated-rock star thing. it's a cliche because it's fucking true.

f. it ain't no copout to say pop music is all about style and all about art. you know me well enough to know that the "intersection" (ew) of Art and Popism is my chief obsession.

in fact, i have to go now and do some heavy thinking about this very subject, because thinking about art and style at the same time is practically my favorite thing.



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