Thursday, October 30, 2003

Hi baby:

I'm sorry for being absent and all. You know how it goes. sometimes, you're absent. It ain't that I don't love ya.

There's lots to write about, lots that other bloggers have been writing about. People died, some stuff caught on fire, some other stuff happened.

But that ain't where my head is at. All the stuff I want to write about is either too personal or too unprofessional to write about. I should try and write it in code, like a letter from Harry to Sirius.

Dear Snuffles,

Well, fall is here and the apple pie's gone missing. Can't eat the ice cream without it! Big red ball got popped on a rosebush, but Old Scratch patched it up. Too much raking to do and the groundskeeper's gone and horded all the rakes. We thinks he wants a ransom. Gas guy came and re-lit the pilot--like magic. Send bubblegum when you can and stay warm!


Haw haw. In truth, I'm just dried up right now. Sometimes you dry up. Then after a while you get some rain.

I am now going to go and attempt to find my dream Halloween costume, and I can't tell you what it is until I get it.

Have a great Thursday, my favorite day of the week.


your pal,


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