Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Kick out the jams, brothers and sisters;

today i'm too busy doing my life to write, but i wanted to direct you to two special blogs: Secret Private Inside Feeling by my sister maggie and Science Blog by my brother Ben.

There's a poem on maggie's blog called "Maggie's Comet" that I like. She goes, "I'm a magic wand waiting to be stolen."

Ben's blog has some crazy informations about pot smoking and those fake contact lenses they sell at Fashions of Echo Park, which i almost bought on a lark.

now i have to go. i want to know why nobody cares about ellie greenwich and jeff barry. are you people stoned?



PS: Maggie, your blog doesn't have comments, so here is what i want to tell you about the whole "getting somewhere" thing i was talking about back in september. I think maybe you have a different idea of what i meant, which makes me fear i am not as clear a writer as i need to be. i was actually trying to communicate my appreciation for the private moment of creation, the Zen (if you will. will you?) of working on your art. the daily practice of it, whether or not you're greatly advanced or going to find worldly success. i admire whathisname for pursuing his passion for trumpet though he isn't probably the next miles davis. and i admire how he says, i may not be the greatest but i can only be as beautiful as i can be. i do find merit in creating art, whether or not anyone sees it--I think the act of creation has a merit that is its own reward, which is something people who stifle their creativity tragically never know. incidentally, i think this is how art ultimately gets made--through work, and that it is a good thing when other people do get to see your work. but when he said he hopes to "get somewhere," i took it to mean, he hopes to manifest whatever unheard music is inside him, trying to get out. the end.

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