Monday, October 06, 2003

Hi, Cheetah Girls!

Going through my old shit in Minneapolis I found a note passed between me and my best GF Debbie Urlik when we were teens at Immaculate Heart. I gather the space shuttle had recently exploded.


K: What have you done to prepare for the AP?

D: Yet? Nothing. I plan to start tonight, but i've been saying that all week. we'll see. I think I might make some sort of time line/study guide.

K: That's a good idea. Me too. How much chem. extra credit did you do? And on the test, when it said to calculate the concentration equilibrium expression, how were we supposed to know the numbers to plug in?

D: extra credit - I only did chap. 17

Next Question - We were supposed to know the #'s to plug in. You had to use the initial-used=final equation [].

K: OK - here's a joke (i heard it in Washington)

what's the last thing that went through Christa McCauliff's mind before the space shuttle crashed?


ok, so maybe it's not funny. Well, i can't think of any better jokes. Can you?

D: What does NASA stand for?

Need another seven astronauts.

What did Christa McColoff say to her husband before she left home?

You feed the dog, I'll feed the fish.

How do you know when a lady wearing pantyhose has farted?


K: What did that guy on the space shuttle say when his wife asked him that morning if he was going to shower?

"It's all right, honey, I'll just wash up on shore."


i think i made that last one up. it's too complicated to be a real joke.

sorry if i offended you, tony. teens have no mercy.

misspellings left intact.



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