Thursday, January 27, 2005


today was a good day, have to say. good day. plus it was capped by a wonderbox on my doorstep: my award from The Public Radio Exchange: the PRX Zeitfunk "Most Broadcast Award 2004" (whatever a zeitfunk is!). The award, which is sitting ass-kickingly on my faux-mantle, is a karate guy doing an ass-kicking karate kick. it's the best award ever. thank you PRX for being you!

The OC is on in like half an hour and i still have to run out and get some dinner or something. i'm just so sick of everything i like: hard times pizza, in-n-out, sushi, alegria burritos... i need some new food ideas. ideas?

i wish they made food out of stars and the special feeling you get when you get a wonderbox on your doorstep. this food, i would not get sick of.



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