Monday, January 24, 2005

well, it's a new day and that always means a new chance for peace and good times.

it's sunny in los angeles and i'm going to do more laundry than i've ever done in one session in my life. it's going to be cathartic. there will be coffee involved.

ben, my amazing brother, gave me a present yesterday including some original 45s such as "Sugar Suagr/Melody Hill." in light of this i've decided it's time to start collectiing 45s.

i'm going to minneapolis soon, whose "cheapo records" on lake st. has the biggest selection i've seen of 45s. amoeba might be bigger but it's also more expensive, i think.

in other news, the weekend was great for one reason: saturday night i got to play guitar and sing harmonies with matt welch, brendan maze, ben sullivan, greg mcilvaine, os tyler, kim thigpen et al. this was great enough in itself, but we also got to talk a lot about the beach boys. there was talk of having a beach boys listening party where we'd really give time to "Holland," the record matt says is the greatest secret beach boys record ever---none of it written by brian wilson, all of it written in imitation of brian wilson.

also this weekend i learned how to play "little miss sorrow child of tomorrow" on guitar. this is the greatest new song in my life, for now. it's in 6/8, just for starters--and dig that title. (see herman's Hermits' "There's A Kind of Hush All Over the World" LP for this and many other marvels.)



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