Monday, January 17, 2005

Know what sets my blood to boiling? This shit. Matt Welch excerpts an LA Times piece dissing freelance journalists thusly:

"Freelancers are the migrant farmworkers of journalism -- cheap labor that fills the gaps left by editorial downsizing and dwindling advertising revenue. As they scramble from publication to publication to make a living, some practice ethical relativism."

I've been a freelancer/contractor my whole goodamn career, and it's not because I couldn't get a full-time job at a goddamn daily newspaper (as if I would have even wanted one!).

Shit, man.

First of all, as a freelancer I have to be extra-ethical, because I have no legal protection from the publications for which I write, with the exception of perhaps one. The standard freelance contract does not protect a writer from lawsuit, however spurious.

Anyway, the really important writers I most admire were contract journalists--especially George Bernard Shaw and Lester Bangs.

Oh, fuck this.

I have work to do!


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