Saturday, May 18, 2002

And now, it is time to talk about �Let It Be.� The Beatles, not the Replacements.

This album, a half-aborted effort recorded between the White Album and Abbey Road, is wrongly dismissed. It�s a goofy, flawed and wonderful album. In fact, even though �Abbey Road� is my favorite record of all time, I have to admit there�s some lame shit on it, and it could have benefitted from some of the �Let It Be� material. How could they include �Maxwell�s Silver Hammer� yet leave off �Get Back� (the secret twin to �Come Together�)? Or �Across the Universe�? (And what�s with the prepositions? They were very movement-oriented at that point, weren�t they?)

And �Two of Us�! One of the best songs about friendship they ever wrote. Right up there with �We Can Work It Out.� It�s about John and Paul, it�s about Linda and Paul, it�s about time and aging, and everything they were feeling at the end of the road as the Beatles, and the beginning of the road as new men. I suppose it�s fitting, in a depressing way, that it was tacked onto this unloved pseudo-album, with Paul and John singing duo-lead vocals. They still love each other so. You can hear it.

Clearly, �Let It Be� is a perfect song. Never loved the arrangement but, gotta say, the secret hero of �Let It Be� is Ringo. (I believe Ringo, not Paul, drums here. Pinch me if I'm wrong.)

Ringo deserves a big soul-hug from the world.

Ringo wins!

I also wanna say for the record that Nirvana would not have been Nirvana without Dave Grohl. And all their radio hits would have been different animals without him. I�m not saying they wouldn�t have been hits. I don�t know. They wouldn�t have been what they were. Listen to �Come As You Are.� Dave Grohl is the secret hero of *that* song.

Dave Grohl is the secret hero of Nirvana, period.

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