Sunday, May 19, 2002

Heard the new Eminem single Friday. It sounded immediately great (which might mean it's going to be completely annoying by Monday). It's full of hilarious little jabs at Moby and Limp Bizkit and self-aggrandizing (and accurate)

proclamations that he gives good Pop Icon and steals black music better than Elvis.

But the best part is the very beginning. First, it borrows Malcom McLaren's "Buffalo Gals." "Two trailer park girl going round the outside..."

(I found "Buffalo Gals" on vinyl recently at a record shop with my very hip 15-year-old cousin Joe. I played it for him, ready to blow his mind, and damned if it didn't sound totally hokey and remarkably slow. Joe will never be able to understand the excitement of that song when it came out. Nuts.)

But the best best part is the next little bit, where Dre/Eminem do a Backstreet Boys thing--only they're not really spoofing them, they're kind of copping them. No shit. I always thought the production and melody of "We've Got It Goin' On" was smart and cool, myself.

What the hell is Max Martin doing these days, and when is he going to put together a Runaways-style rock band?

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