Friday, May 17, 2002

"Los Angeles has such a soulful face."

It does. There�s this smell in L.A. at night around February, you know, that sweet smell? To me, that smell is L.A.

"To me, L.A. is that bird that goes (cooing softly) Ooooh-ah-oooo, ooo-ooo. You know that one?"

God do I know it--there's one that lives outside my bedroom window, sits on a TV antenna on the apartment building next door. And do you notice also how around about February the birds start singing at night?

"You know, I just moved to Malibu three weeks ago. I�ve got chickens and I get up and feed the chickens. It�s cool, it� s farm-style."

Did you have to learn about how to raise chickens?

"No, it�s easy. Give 'em some feed, some scratch, get the eggs, that�s it.

I think you have to clean out the coop sometimes, i haven�t figured that out yet."

Did you build it?

"No it was there, there were chickens when I moved in. They were like, you want the chickens? I was like, I�ll try. So far we have a good relationship. A friend said, Oh, I can hypnotize chickens. I said, I thought that was an Iggy Pop lyric, I didn�t know you actually did it! You hold the chicken and you draw a line in front of its face, evidently it hypnotizes it."

What do you do about their poop?

"I think it just kind of mushes in."

I'm sitting here scarily at 2 am transcribing interview tapes and for some reason his use of the word "mushes" seemed good. Oh yeah, it's Flea.

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