Saturday, May 11, 2002

You are so welcome to my new rockblog.

Some blogs are unplanned conceptions. Sometimes those are the best kind. I was at Tony Pierce�s candylaced supacrib to pick up a fresh copy of the new Weezer (out Tuesday). We sat down at the computer and within the space of a single Pixies song (Isla de Encanta, if you must know), he had hooked me up. Suddenly I�m a fucking blogger. I wouldn�t have wanted it any other way, with any other guy, Tony.

So here�s to my autopublishing angel (, and here�s a thought to inaugurate the blog, and to echo Tony�s musings today on his own site.

Q: What is good rock �n� roll?

A: �Good rock �n� roll is something that makes you feel alive.

Good rock �n� roll also encompasses other things, like Hank Williams and Charlie Mingus and a lot of things that aren�t strictly defined as rock �n� roll. Rock �n� roll is an attitude. It�s a way of doing things, of approaching things.

Writing can be rock �n� roll.

Or a movie can be rock �n� roll.

It�s a way of living your life.�

--Lester Bangs, 1982

He�s right. And it�s a whole bunch more things I have yet to discover. I expect that�s what this blog will be all about.

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