Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Rock God Jim Walsh enters the fray!

That is, the "Does Gloom Rock?" fray.

Or, fine, the "Does Gloomy Music Get Its Propers?" fray:

"The Doors' unkillable appeal is all about gloom and 'poetry,' says Jimmy W. "And they

sucked more than the Cure, Smiths, etc."

The Doors appeal is all about gloom and poetry, Jim?

I thought it was the trousers.

In any case, I'm totally freaking freaking out because I have a 3,000 word piece due, um, seven hours ago, which I haven't started writing. I had to catch a film screening tonight too, bad timing--of "About A Boy," the new Hugh Grant movie which is, gotta say, everything good about Hugh Grant movies with a relatively light dusting of Nutrasweet--well, for most of the film. There was bound to be some. I mean, let's face it, Nick Hornby is a man's man, and he wants all the dudes in the audience on dates to get laid afterwards. He knows who's paying his shrink bills.

There was a radio giveaway before the film wherein this middle-aged lady won a week's stay in London. She looked very non-monied and was walking with a cane, and she said London was one of the only places she wanted to go. Everyone in the audience went, "Awwww...." (Sometimes even Clear Channel makes people happy, impossible as it sounds.) Everyone was so happy for her. Swear to God. In fact, everyone in the audience went "awww" throughout the movie at all the parts where assholes usually laugh at the poor sods being traumatized onscreen. Tonight, as happens so often, my respect and affection for People was supported. Swear to God.

Back to the program: As my friend Keith Harris observed, Badly Drawn Boy (who wrote the songs for the film) is a much better Elliott Smith than Elliott Smith. Hooray for Badly Drawn Boy! Kind of like how Nick Cave does a much better Leonard Cohen than Leonard Cohen on "The Boatman's Call." Hooray for Nick Cave!

Now, as another friend once remarked, who thinks Billy Idol does a much better Jim Morrison than Jim Morrison? Crazy? I don't think so. Listen, next time you hear "Rebel Yell," just think about Jim Morrison for a sec and you'll see the light.

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