Monday, January 19, 2004


it's sunny again this morning. it may be a junior senior kind of sunday-monday morning. i know it's monday but really it's sunday. can't you feel it?

i don't have a normal work schedule because I work at home, so i never know exactly when there's a holiday going on. but i can usually sense it from the front stoop of my cottage. the air feels different and sounds different and i feel calmer. this is because people are not out and about hustling and filling up the atmosphere with their hustle vibes.

that's why today is sunday.

today is a day we celebrate an outlaw. a national holiday for someone whose entire strategy was to break laws, all sorts of laws.

this is important. and let's also remember that the tactics of the civil rights movement didnt' just work because they were smart--they were also used toward good. the pro-lifers tried to get all civil disobediency and they lost.

the morning after pill is soon to be available over the counter, and the day this happens, a very dark era for women (and men) will finally come to a close in this country. This moment will be bigger than the Pill, bigger in a sense than Roe v. Wade.

white people used to say that the black people (and women) weren't ready to vote; they would fuck it all up and it would be a disaster.

people also used to say women couldn't handle the freedom of birth control.

then they said they couldn't handle the freedom of abortion.

now they say we can't handle the freedom of the morning after pill.

i say, if that's true then i *really* can't handle a baby. so fuck you and your stupid tie.

i'm so over anybody trying to tell me what to do with my body and my future.

good morning, martin luther king jr.

ok bye.


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