Monday, January 26, 2004

hi you guys

i'm still liking junior senior a lot!

also, i realized yesterday how amazing "foolin"' by def leppard is, and what a lie i've been living all along, not recognizing this.

i am about to sleep for 14 hours and things will seem different tomorrow. i had a very big weekend, you see.

i'm into "milkshake" right now, by kelis. it's making me want a milkshake so bad. i mean, a real one. the best milkshakes in the universe are at fred 62 on vermont. no kidding. i'm serious. i don't think kelis would be so cocky about her shakes if she had tried fred 62's. i like songs about innocent things like candy and milkshakes. it's nice to see childlike naivete make a comeback on hip-hop radio.


haw haw.

xoxo me

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