Wednesday, January 21, 2004

hey all you sexy motherfuckers!

I have a wonderful tip for you today, this fine Los Angeles day. (By the way, the Lord gets big ups for this particular January day. This sort of day is the reason people move to L.A. This sort of day is the origin of countless careers of glittering poverty. Oh yes, and there's pride in glittering poverty, let me tell you.)

Anyway, a wonderful band called Ken Layne and the Corvids (which means crows) have a gorgeous new album out, called Fought Down. It is luxurious and nocturnal electrified country rock that somehow has its heart in Eastern Europe. Or part of it, anyway. Nothing to do with the sound; just the spirit. The guitars may come from Manchester via Austin; the rest is floating somewhere over the desert, at night, in a Santa Ana wind, just before the Big One hits.

The miracle is that it was recorded in like three days or something insane, in a little hole in the wall in Pasadena, with no budget and plenty of whisky. A band that came together just to record an album and discovered instantaneously that they had an elegant and handsome sound, sprung fully formed like Athena, the goddess of war, from the mind of Zeus.

rock on,


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