hey rad commenters

yeah i been listening to 103.1 too but the bob marley factor is freakin me out. i did hear some great stuff too, though. (NOTE: I love bob marley as much as the next sentient type but it's music i need to listen to the right way, or else it's terribly wrong.) it's obviously skewed toward a very specific demographic, one which i don't precisely fit, being a female and all. also, the reason i'm not peeing my pants-excited about the station is that as far as i can tell, there are no live DJs, which should be half the fun/magic of radio.

whatever. i hope they kick ass and i hope they last.

re: pills. look, i don't have a dealer so my access is extremely limited. anyway, for me vicodin stops working after two days. thanks for your concern though, dad!

by the way, "dad," are you a musician?




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