hi kiddies:

look, tony, there's no need to choose between ac/dc and def leppard. just because i like "foolin" doesn't take anything away from ac/dc. i'm so sure. anyway, "foolin" isn't even ac/dc-esque. if you're going to get insecure about other bands ripping off ac/dc (which you needn't do in the first place--some bands are so great ripoffs only serve to make them greater) don't be hatin on the def lep. get mad at like stone temple pilots or something, somebody dumb.

i don't even know if stp borrows from ac/dc but it seems like something they would do.

re: polyphonic spree. they're all right. i mean, i have no beef with them. they're an experiment more than a band, but that's no crime. their lack of a singular poetic hero makes them hard to love-love, but that's also no crime. it's kind of like when you have an acquaintance who is smart and pleasant, and interesting in many ways--and yet no matter how many times you run into them, you never manage to really become true friends. that's how it is with me and the polyphonic spree so far. i would love to see them live. i've heard from a generally harsh and unpleasable critic that they were "inspiring"--the energy they have to make something interesting and fun happen. i liked the "soldier girl" song and "light and day" or whatever it's called----though every time i hear it i think of the cure's "caterpillar." they took a melodic bit from it---as did pat wilson of weezer when he wrote the chorus to "surf wax america."

i drank a lot of coffee tonight and it has ruined me. i feel awful. just paranoid and creepy, and all the music on the radio sounds tiresome and invasive. i just popped two PMs and am swigging jim beam so we'll see what happens. the blog is always some kind of milk and honey. what i love best is that i get the sense that even though i have five readers, they are really special people. sweet and just cool people who'd be fun to play yahtzee with.

people who would be good characters in "the three musketeers." i think that book gets the Most Charming award this year. that's what i'm getting most from the book, more than the plot or language---the book's worldview is charming; the mind of the author is a place you want to spend time. it's wise and wry without cynicism.

gotta love writers who are smart but not haters. on that note, our favorite band Tsar got a breathless write-up in the Voice yesterday from Chuck Eddy. the first line is 101 percent accurate. it's nice to see a writer generally get it, spiritually, even if he's got the references kind of mixed up. there's lots of stuff you could add to that review (like the way that "Straight" blatantly rips off Michael Jackson's "Bad"). But I would mainly assert that the reference to "I'm Straight" by the Modern Lovers is not a Modern Lovers tribute but, in fact, an homage to the Pooh Sticks--who made a point to lovingly reference their hero, Jonathan Richman.

it's kind of complicated.

tsar is more baroquely and intelligently referential than pretty much any band i can think of, except maybe the pooh sticks. the good thing is that, as with the pooh sticks, their infinite references to other bands are always kind of like pop-culture references on the simpsons: if you get the joke, it's really funny--and if you don't, it's still funny.

like tony et al., i'm excited for tsar's album to finally come out in may. i feel like there is room for this band now, room that was unavailable four years ago. they say it's a curse to succeed on your first outing, and lord knows most of my favorite bands did not succeed the first time (or three times) they had a record. even the beatles took a while to break in america. it seems inconceivable, but "she loves you" was a minor hit the first time it was released--a lot of people didn't take them seriously. sometimes it takes a minute.

i've said it a few times, like tony, but tsar is the kind of band that makes the world a more interesting place, and makes the art of being a rock fan a little more fun and perplexing. if they ever do "make it," and get codified and pigeonholed as "glam," that'll be fine with me. as far as i'm concerned, that would put them in company with the sweet and outkast, and you just can't get much cooler than that.

of course, as you know, i'm biased; they're my friends---but that doesn't mean i'm not a hundred percent right.

they're playing feb 10 at the derby. bring earplugs or prepare to bleed.

the jim beam seems to be working. now i just feel like typing till my callouses come back.

because i have the most original landlords ever, last night i found myself eating dinner with extremist performance artists (and all-around nice guys) ron athey and franco b. i didn't know shit about franco but he was telling me about how he's tired of "bleeding" for money, and because of his thick italian accent, i had to ask him to repeat himself. it turns out he bleeds in his shows---removing blood with a needle and everything. i'm all, dude, i bleed every month and i don't get paid for it!

haw haw. i wish i had thought to say that, actually.

at one point franco's passionate italian blood got to boiling and i found myself in the odd position of having a four-foot-tall italian blood-letter with full body tattoos and metal teeth screaming at me, "Boy George is not postmodern!"

that rocked.

boy george is so postmodern.

franco b. also hates sir elton.

i would hate elton, but i just can't muster the bile for anyone who ever wore two-foot sunglasses and sang "goodbye yellow brick road" at the same time.

he goes to heaven, period.

plus his last album wasn't half bad.

i'll even forgive him for liking ryan adams.

now, before i go, i need to know: have you been listening to "Listen Without Prejudice Vol. I" enough lately?

if not, well, do like the man said and listen without prejudice. you'll be happily surprised, i garonteee. talk about night music. talk about oh wow make me cry

It's not as though we just broke up

It's not as though it was yesterday

But something I just can't explain

Something in me really needs this pain

I know I'll never see your face again

And if these wounds

They are self-inflicted

I don't really know

How my poor heart could have protected me

But if I have to carry this pain

If you will not share the blame

I deserve to see your face again

You can't always get what you want

You can't always get what you want

You can't always get what you want

maybe you need to hear it with the music.

rock on, george michael, rock on with your crazy bad self.

i love you and i always will.

tonight i found out on KFWB New 980 that the number of dying stars in the universe far exceeds the number of stars being born. apparently, if the universe has a linear existence in time-space, we are on the downward slide of the curve. in short, the universe is now more busy dying than being born. this made me sad.

it's a rough place, but this universe definitely has its moments.

crunk n stuff,



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