Fuzzy Wuzzy in the house:

My new thing tonight is Jolly Ranchers. Even the worst ones are delicious.

I have to go to bed soon because I have been running nonstop seems like for a week. Working on my top secret project (which I shall soon unveil), paying bills, gardening, playing the best board game ever (Pop Smarts), writing an article, going out, and doing personal vanity activities involving heavy weights and very expensive skin care products. It's all part of my New Year. 2004 rhymes with more, you know.

Oh, I also am reading "The Three Musketeers" by that French/caribbean guy. It's so funny and good!

I've also managed to watch some TV, somehow. Ryan Seacrest's show is outrageously dull. And my father was right the first time he ever heard John Mayer: the dude is a sleaze. He's sleaze incarnate. My dad is a genius.

love n stuff,



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