Hey, Snuffy:

So the big news is I spent much of New Year's Eve listening to Mary J. Blige, which was emotionally challenging but uniquely rewarding: She has a song called "No More Happy Holidays" about how her guy is never around on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's and July 4, and it's messing her up. Now ain't that a bitch? I was extremely "female" that night and her song "PMS" was also a moment of supreme, how you say---relate-itude? It's like if Aretha were young and doing it today, swearing as much as you know she wanted to.

"I wanna talk to the ladies tonight

About a situation I'm pretty sure

Y'all will be able to relate to

Trust me

Today I'm not feeling pretty

See I'm feeling quite ugly

Havin' one of those days

When I can't make up my mind

So don't even look at me...

Down and out in depression

I think the worst of everything

My lower back is aching

And my clothes don't fit (oh shit)

Now ain't that a bitch...


See I already know that I'm fucked up

PMS I know I'm fucked up

And I don't need you to remind me

See cause PMS is takin' over right now

If you understand, understand where I'm comin from

Sing along


This is the worst part of everything

The worst part of being a woman is PMS

Give me a break, give me a break

Cause I don't wanna have to set it on ya

Get away, get away, get away, get away

Get away cause I'm PMS-ing."

Eminem doesn't get it; he thinks you can be "on the rag and ovulating" at the same time. Doesn't he know how it goes?

The good news is, I ended up going to a party and dancing to ELO, Love, the Kinks and AC/DC. It was a New Year's Eve redeemed by Vicodin and the kindness of strangers.

Here's to a new year full of kind strangers and friendly white pills.

The other great thing was that my current favorite L.A. station, 100.3 the Beat, was playing their top 100 hip-hop and soul songs of all time, mixed by a real live DJ. Not by a computer. Mixed with intelligence and humor. Radio is magic.




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