Tuesday, September 07, 2004

foo foo

my mom used to say that. i think it means, well, actually i'm not sure what it means. i think it means something like, "fuck!" like, when she just didn't have the energy to say "fuck," she'd laugh and say "foofoo." of course my mom uses the word fuck all the time so don't go thinking she's some weird oppressed christian housewife with laura ashley shit in the bathroom.

and toilet paper cozies. oh, man. toilet paper cozies.

anyway, um, so yeah, let's see. well, i spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening with my oldest GFs going back to seventh grade--the immaculate heart girls, the weirdos, the cool girls. i thought they were cool back then and i still think so. we used to buy cigarettes in our school uniforms from pink elephant. i wonder if the girls still do that?

highlights included watching dave chappelle's new dvd, which contains some weirdly unoriginal comedy jokes about native americans, but also contains some poignancy: the soliloquy on grape drink is sad and sweet.

i like how he described the indredients of grape drink: water, sugar, purple.

maybe you had to be there.

we made a list of over-the-counter anti-depressants:

1. wearing clogs (kind of like "you just can't play a sad song on a banjo," you can't be mopey while wearing clogs.)

2. cruising on a bike. not mountain biking up hills and shit. just cruising, like maybe around silverlake reservoir or on the path at the beach.

3. wearing a good hat. elexa hat a really floppy straw hat that was really cute and floppy as hell. the hat equivalent of a rag doll. i can see how wearing this would make malaise improbably, if not impossible.

4. Dave Chappelle or Ellen Degeneres (I don't know about these because I don't watch their shows. i would say comedy records, videos or cds in general are crucial in anyone's "pharmacy." my choice is "The Rutles," or occasionally Steve Martin's LPs.)

5. Benicio del Toro, in general

6. A pedicure: "Hint, put flowers on your big toes!" (whoever put this on the list dotted her exclamation point with a flower; pitifuly, I don't know how to do that with a computer keyboard.)

7. Lemondrops---or Lemonheads, depending on which way you swing. (i swing lemondrops.)

8. Popsicles OR Big Sticks

9. Toby (my dog. cuddling with Toby gives me a tingly rush of endorphins through my whole body, especially in my heart area.)

10. beer bongs

11. water balloon fight

12. good sunglasses you like

13. buying yourself good flowers (i personally recommend my secret garden, across the street from immaculate heart.)

14. going to the dog park, even if you don't have a dog. there's good energy there and plus all the dogs.

15. driving PCH around santa monica-malibu. this one is dicey because yes, it's great but it can also be quite wistful for me. but yeah, the ocean is really the only real thing. i know you know what i mean.

16. beverly hot springs--you cannot be depressed when torturing your body with three-minute intervals of ice water and boiling water for an hour. plus, you can't be depressed for at least 12 hours after. it's just impossible.

17. truffles.

18. go to new york

19. go to the record store

20. as archie sang, "when you're feeling sad and blue, kissing is the thing to do." any kind of sexual acitvity. but see i'm usually depressed because i don't have anyone to kiss, right? so go figure that one out.

The rest are my own private ideas:

21. playing guitar and singing--weirdly painful at times, in a good way, and makes all the dumb bad pain go away

22. writing--anything. diary, letter, email, blog, article, even. writing, writing, writing, magic, magic.

23. a good boy-buddy who excites your imagination but not your heart.

24. my big all-time sure-fire mainstay best friend over-the-counter anti-depressant: strong coffee and a workout. I challenge anyone suffering from malaise or dysthemia to do this and stay sad.

serious clinical depression, i wouldn't presume to know. i'm quite sure beer bongs are a bad idea.


kate, on behalf of vanessa, elexa, halle, samantha and kristy

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